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If you prefer to mail in your form, click below to print our subscription form, and submit it with payment via USPS mail.

How does the subscription program work? 

You are the vital link in our lifesaving team.  Your memberships and donations assist us to provide reliable quality care to our community.  With rapidly escalating costs, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

If you live or work in an area we respond to, please consider supporting our organization today.

1.)  All emergency transports will be billed to your insurance company, whether you are, or are not a subscriber.  The membership program is applicable only to medically necessary transports.

2.)  If you are a subscriber your insurance company's payment will be accepted by Macungie Ambulance Corps as payment in full (after all deductibles have been met).  If you are not a subscriber, you will be responsible for any balance left after the insurance payment.

3.)  If you are a subscriber and do not have insurance, you will receive a discount on the fee for emergency ambulance service.  If you are not a subscriber, you will be required to pay the full amount.  




Regular Subscription Options


For single individuals
less than age 65.


For households of 2 people or
more of any age.

Senior Subscription Options


For single senior citizens
aged 65 and above.


For any 2 people in a household where at least 
1 person is age 65 and above.  No age
restrictions on the other person.

Business Subscription Options


For businesses with 1 to 15 employees.


For businesses with more than 15 employees

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