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The "Gloria Haines Memorial Training Fund" was set up to honor the life long achievements of one our our most active members. Last year we trained over 1,000 members of the community in First Aid or CPR.


Through our community outreach and education services, we meet with members of the community throughout the year to share information, provide instruction, and sometimes even simply give tours.

In early 2018 friends and family founded the Merissa L. Frye Small Cell Cervical Cancer Memorial Foundation in memory of Merissa who passed in January 2018 at the young age of 28 from a very rare form of cervical cancer.

During her cancer battle, our organization was once able to help Merissa by providing her comfortable transportation to a specialist appointment in New York.  As the foundation has grown, the friends and family of Merissa felt it appropriate that they support our organization and mission in some way.

For decades the Macungie Ambulance Corps has absorbed much of the cost of training and equipping our fellow local emergency responders for their response to medical incidents.  Honoring Merissa’s memory by supporting those who serve others seemed like an appropriate fit.

Therefore, in 2019 the Macungie Ambulance Corps created the Merissa L. Frye Memorial Responder Training Fund.  Money received from the Foundation and other sources will be used to support the training and equipment purchases for area emergency responders.

Individuals wishing to learn more about the Merissa L. Frye Small Cell Cervical Cancer Memorial Foundation can send an email to  The foundation is also active on Facebook by searching @MLFMemorialFoundation.


First Aid / CPR Courses

Educating the general public in First Aid and CPR is a Priority at Macungie Ambulance Corps.  Everyone plays a part of the EMS system. In fact, citizen responders are the first and crucial role in the EMS system. Ideally, everyone should complete basic first aid training in order to provide critical help in any emergency. The very first link in the chain is the activation the EMS system, by calling 911, or instructing a bystander to call for help. The sooner the EMS system is activated, the sooner more advanced emergency care arrives. This increases the chances of recovery and survival.

Please click here to access our list of courses.


Through this program we have assisted with placing over 40 Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) throughout the community in locations such as all of the Lower Macungie Township buildings, both club houses at Mill Brook Chase, the club house at Wild Cherry Knoll, and numerous churches and other facilities.  We maintain and supply over 15 additional AEDs throughout the community as well.  Organizations such as the Alburtis Fire Company, Macungie and Alburtis Police Departments, and the Macungie Institiute benefit from this service.


The Macungie Ambulance Corps supports various other agencies that also respond to emergencies in our community.  CPR / AED and First Aid training is provided free of charge to all members of our local fire companies and police agencies.  We provide technical and logistical support for these agencies as well.

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