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This service is for those patients who have an emergency but do not require the services to treat a life threatening illness or injury.  This vehicle is usually staffed with two (2) Emergency Medical Technicians.


Our EMTs are trained to give Aspirin in cardiac emergencies, Epinephrine for life threatening allergic reactions, and Naloxone for narcotic drug overdoses when an Advanced Life Support provider is not available.

Basic Life Support

Advanced Life Support

This service is for those patients who have need of additional treatment and for whom the injury or illness may become life threatening.  This service utilizes intravenous therapy, cardiac monitor, and drug therapy.  


This vehicle is usually staffed with a Paramedic and an Emergency Medical Technician.  In some cases, there may be two Paramedics depending on scheduling.

This service is provided for subscribers who require a medically necessary transport which is not an emergency.  We provide both BLS and ALS non-emergency transport service.  

Non-Emergency Medically Necessary Ambulance Transport

Stand By Service

This service is provided for those who are having a large event (i.e. football games, car shows, etc) and are required, or wish to have an ambulance on stand by at their event. 

To schedule a standby, click here.

To schedule a non-emergency transport, please contact the corps at (610) 966-2601.  

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